Day Sail

Pier M-04, Moll de l’escullera, Sant Feliu de Guíxols
From 10:00 to 18:00 (8h) and from 14:00 to 22:00 (8h)
South-West/ North-East


Sail from Sant Feliu de Guixols in the direction of Tossa de Mar (SW) going by Cala Vigata and casting the first anchor at Punta d’en Bosch.

Have a swim.
We then continue along the coast going by the beaches of Canyet and Sr. Ramon, staying on board until arriving at Cala Futadera or Giverola where we will cast anchor and then have lunch on board.

We then continue along the route going by Cala Pola and Cala Bona until reaching the Tossa de Mar Bay. We will then go round the lighthouse and edge towards the coast until reaching the Llorell Bay and Cala Morisca where we will cast anchor for the last time for a swim.

The sail back will be away from the coast.

*The programme is flexible depending on wind and weather


What clothes should we wear?

Comfortable clothing depending on the time of year and soft rubber shoes. In summer, a towel and, for those who need it, a hat and sun protection. On the boat you will find nautical jackets .

What activities can be done?

The different activities are optional and subject to sea conditions. Visiting coves and caves from the beautiful coastline. Surface diving (material available), swimming in the ‘high seas’ with head to stern, piloting the sailboat when conditions allow it…

Can we bathe?

At the 4 stops, you can swim via the stern ladder. Outdoor freshwater shower and changing cabins.

Can we choose where to stop during the departure?

Throughout the route, the most comfortable stops will always be chosen according to the state of the sea. The skipper will propose the most attractive options. As an outdoor leisure activity, the options are multiple and we will be open to your proposals.

I have a tendency to get carsick. What do you advise me?

Apart from flat and windless days, there is always a certain movement on a sailboat, so it is not very advisable for people who have a tendency to get seasick. In certain cases, a preventive biodramine may be the solution. The desire to have a great day is a great help!

What if the weather is bad on the day of departure?

Rain, rough seas and excessive wind are grounds for cancellation or change the usual take of direction. However, the concept of bad weather depends on each client. If the skipper (there are
objectively unfavorable weather conditions) decides not to leave, the departure is canceled or postponed for another time or day according to mutual availability.

What if the sea is fine and there is no sun?

The lack of sun may bother someone but it is not a reason for cancellation. If it is not sunny all the time can even be appreciated, especially in summer.

What if we leave with good weather and the weather changes?

We will return sooner and you will only pay the proportional part. Flexibility and being able to adjust at sea are essential.

Can we come back earlier than planned?

There is no problem. Doing more is not always better. Each case is different.

Will we sail or motor?

On the Costa Màgica sailboat, the mainsail and mizzen are always raised as they stabilize and provide shade. Part of the journey is done by sail and motor, but with breezes or winds established only by sail.

Can we bring things?

Naturally. Meal and beverages are not included. In the case of a birthday, for example, you can bring the cake, cava or any extra you need to complete the outing.

How many do we have to be to carry out the activity?

The maximum group must be 11 or less people

– Group of 9-10-11 people: 80 euros/person
– Group of 7-8 people: 87 euros/person
– Group of 6 people: 100 euros/person
– Group of 5 people: 115 euros/person
– Group of 4 people: 135 euros/person
– Group of 3 people: 165 euros/person
– Group of 2 people: 225 euros/person
**Children under 10 years old pay half a ticket
( Association Anónim/Costa Mágica is currently in proces)


An unforgettable experience! The boat is comfortable and fun. His skipper, an excellent professional, made us feel at all times safe and very comfortable. The tour is beautiful ..
Toni. (Barcelona)

A delicious day with Jordi, a great captain who made us all enjoy the sea and the beauty of the Costa Brava.
Rosa Mª P.

Simply excellent!!
Sailing on an impeccable sailboat with an expert captain is a unique experience. Thanks Jordi Mas for this unforgettable day.
Gemma T.